About Me



 Hello everyone! My name is Lori and I am a professional organizer. I grew up in Pennsylvania, later moved to West Palm Beach, then to Bolivia, and have now returned to Pennsylvania to start my professional organizing business. I graduated with a bachelor's degree in International Business from Palm Beach Atlantic University.

I worked for several years helping clients in South Florida with anything from personal assistant tasks, house organization, house cleaning, and tutoring and am now focusing on home organization and cleaning as I start this new business.  I will focus on helping anyone-- whether it be empty-nesters looking to downsize, anyone in the process of moving, mothers with young children who feel overwhelmed with housework, or young professionals who can't seem to get organized-- to achieve their life goals as they pertain to getting their home or office under control.

I focus on the personal goals of each client and their stage of life to help them accomplish these goals by organizing their home and lives to be managable and sustainable.  I also apply minimalistic principles to aid in this process of organizing, since we often live with excess in a consumer-driven culture.  I can help in a hands-on way with the client present and helping or without them, depending on their preferences.

Please consider reaching out to my email, telephone, Facebook or Instagram on the Contact tab if you are interested in finding out more about how I can help you get on the path to organizing your home and life today!

Lori Wendling